Welcome! This website has three sections covering Raspberry Pi, Arduino and ESP32/ESP8266. Each section has a quick-start guide, information on how to build a variety of projects together with the associated software plus tips on avoiding common problems, programming for LCD and 7-segment LED displays, book recommendations and so on.

For projects and articles on the Arduino.

For projects and articles on the Raspberry Pi.


ESP32-S2 on PCB

This section was dedicated originally to ESP8266 but things have moved on and there is the ESP32 in many of its different forms. The ESP8266 page is still available here. I still use ESP8266 boards but not for new projects - my ESP8266s are mostly embedded with sensors and as they still work there's little point in upgrading.

I was reluctant to use the early ESP32s because many required a 10µF capacitor across EN and GND to get it to load a new sketch. Those days are over and this section now hosts a growing set of ESP32-only projects.

There is a wide variety of ESP32 models, some now superseded, but many of the following features may be available in combination on current boards:

A recent purchase was a batch of Olimex ESP32-S2 boards for experimental purposes. More information and first thoughts here.